31st  Australian Speleological Federation Conference Program

The program and activities for the 31st ASF Conference is shown below. 

The information on papers includes, but is not limited to, the topics that papers will cover in that session. If you require any further details re what is happening in a particular session, or when a particular paper will be delivered, please contact Cathie Plowman at: rego.asftasmania2019@gmail.com.

Download a .pdf of the program (as at 21/12/18) here.

Day / DATEMORNING 8am – 12pmAFTERNOON 12pm – 5pmEVENING 5pm >
Friday – Saturday
28 – 29 Dec 2018
Pre-Conference Field TripsPre-Conference Field Trips
30 Dec 2018
12:00 Camp opens , Reece High School Oval5:00 Registration opens
6:00 Conference Welcome Barbecue
8:00 Post-Conference Field Trip briefing
31 Dec 2018
8:30 Jessica Bayles, Facilities and weekly overview
8.45 Aboriginal acknowledgement & Official Opening
9:00 Dr David Merritt, Bioluninescence in Cave Glowworms
9:40 Dr Liz Reed, Naracoorte caves, a critical window
10:40 Alan Jackson, Seeking the Master Cave
11:00 Fraser Johnson, the challenges of filming underground
11:15 Fraser Johnson, film Push Day
11:40 BREAK
11:45 Yvonne Ingeme, Keeping White-nose Syndrome out of Australia
12:05 Anne-Marie Meredith, caves of the Western Australian mid-west
12:25 Brian Evans, Photo Competition details
12:35 Jessica Bayles, Wednesday activities briefing
12:50 LUNCH
1:45 – 5:00 ASF Council Meeting
5:30 Peter Dykes Workshop: Cave and Karst numbering system

Casual Activities Available:
– Mountain Bike
– Trip to beach/kayak
– Visit Maritime Museum
– NYE on the foreshore
1 Jan 2019
Bike Ride Activity
9:00 Housekeeping
9:10 Chris Sharples, Wilderness Wild Karst
9:50 Andreas Klocker, Huautla, Mexico
11:00 Alan Jackson, Slaying the Beast – Mapping Kubla Khan
11:20 BREAK
11:25 Steve Milner, ASF StrategicPlan
12:25 LUNCH
1:20 Brian Evans, Rescue training on the North Island
1:40 Janice March, Rescue training in Tasmania
2:05 Andreas Klocker, the Midnight Hole rescue
2:25 Brian Evans, Rescue preparedness around Australia
3:10 Brian Evans, Thailand rescue lessons symposium
4:10 Deb Hunter, Kubla Khan Cave rescue plan
4:30 BREAK
4:35 Deb Hunter, values of the Mole Creek karst explained

Casual Activities Available:
– Speleo Sports
– Trip to Home Hill

8:00 Trivia night
2 Jan 2019
Mid-week Activities Available:
– Tourist loop
– Canyoning
– Kids Club
– Bushwalking
– Mountain biking
– Gunns Plains Cave
Activities Continued
Dinner at Wings Wildlife Park &
Gunns Plains Cave with concert
3 Jan 2019
8:30 Housekeeping
8:40 Forum: Cave Access, Conservation, and Management
10:55 Cave Forum Continued – Forum Cave Access, Conservation and Management
12:45 LUNCH
1:40 Alan Jackson, chasing mega caves in Vietnam
2:00 Adam Spillane, the 2018 recce to Ha Giang Vietnam
2:20 Steve Bourne, a commercial cave tour operator in Vietnam
2:40 Lightning Talks
4:05 Self Rescue practice
Casual Activities Available:
– Kayak Mersey River
– Prussic Challenge

7:30 Dr Niall Doran, taking the Tasmanian Cave Spider to the World
8:00 Film, Sixteen Legs
9:40 Q & A
9:50 Launch of Cave Animal of the Year
4 Jan 2019
8:30 Housekeeping
8:40 Garry K Smith, Calthemite Straw stalactites
9:00 Bob Kershaw, OzKarst & GIS – a Nullarbor perspective
9:20 Norman Poulter, The Collapsing Nullarbor, Weebubbie Cave
9:40 Steve Milner, Bunda Cliffs, Exploration update 2017
10:00 Stefan Eberhard, film, 35 Years Under the Nullarbor
10:55 Henry Shannon, Field technique for measuring streamflow
11:15 Susan White, unusual or isolated caves in Victoria
11:35 Silvana Iannello, fauna of a granite cave: Britannia Creek Cave
11:55 Yvonne Ingeme, hit or miss for juvenile Southern Bent-wing Bats
12:15 LUNCH
1:10 ASF Council Meeting Registration
1:30 ASF Council Meeting
7:00 Cavers Dinner (theme: Bedrock city; home of the Flintstones)
Saturday – Thursday
5 – 10 Jan 2019
Post-Conference Field TripsPost-Conference Field Trips

Note: Dinner is provided for full registrants Sunday, Wednesday and Friday. Kitchen facilities are available to self-cater for the remaining dinners and breakfasts at your discretion.

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