Information for Presenters and Workshop Organisers

If you wish to present a poster or oral presentation at the 31st ASF Conference you will need to elect to do so when completing the online registration form.  The following information can be found on this page:

  • Call for Papers
  • Papers – Oral Presentations
  • Poster Presentations
  • Abstract Requirements
  • Photographic Competition 
  • Other Presentations
  • Workshops
  • ASF Grants

Call for Papers

Conference papers are invited on any aspect of caves and karst in Australia, or internationally.

If you have not presented at a conference before and would like to discuss, please contact Presentations Coordinator Cathie Plowman by email

If you plan to present a paper or poster, please advise by 1 September 2018. An abstract must be submitted by 1 October 2018. To present a paper you must be a conference registrant.

Oral Presentations – CLOSED

Presentations will be 20 min duration.

The Process:

  • Register for the Conference and indicate your intention to present by 1 September 2018.
  • Pay for your registration.
  • Submit your abstract via email ( by 1 October 2018.
  • Deliver your presentation prior to your session time. Preferred formats: PowerPoint, PDF, online program.
  • Wow everyone with your presentation and passion for caving!
  • Submit your paper via email ( by 1 March 2019.

Please contact Cathie for further information (

See below for formatting guidelines for abstracts.

Poster Presentations

Posters are invited on any aspect of speleology. Please provide a written summary of your poster by 1 October 2018 so that details can be included in the conference handbook. See the Abstract Requirements below for instructions for your poster summary.

Each poster will be allocated a space of 1 x 2 m. If you require space outside of these dimensions or have any additional enquiries please contact us at

The Process:

  • Register for the Conference and indicate your intention to present by 1 September 2018.
  • Pay for your registration.
  • Submit your abstract via email ( by 1 October 2018.
  • Pin up your poster in the allotted area; allocated poster space is 1 x 2 m, contact the organisers to request a larger allocation.
  • Each poster will be allocated time in the program. This will be a dedicated time, poster presenters may give an informal 5-10 min talk or engage in questions and discussion.

Please contact Cathie for further information (

See below for formatting guidelines for abstracts and papers.

Abstract Requirements

Text: Abstracts should be in Times New Roman 12 Point, single spaced, paragraphs not indented.
Title: Text should use upper and lower case as appropriate and be in bold format.
Authors: Upper and lower case text as appropriate, with presenting author underlined.
Length: Abstract length to be less than 400 words.

For example:

A Discussion on Cave Mud and the Beneficial Effects on Your Complexion
Bob Black¹, Cindi Green², Winston White³.

Presentations will be published online. All paper presentations must provide a formal written paper by 1 March 2019, even if this is in an extended abstract form. Your material adds to the resources of the speleological community. Please note a PowerPoint presentation, or similar, is not a written paper.

Photographic Competition (digital)

A photographic competition will be held to encourage and recognise new and experienced cave photographers.  Entries will be via a web entry system.  Closing date for entries:  1 December 2018.   Categories are:

Cavers in Action   –   Bugs, Beasts & Biology   –   
Caves (can be chambers, passages or formations)   –   
Dreamed (fantasy or surreal of caves or caving) –   Entrances   –   Fun & humour   

Other Presentations

Talented people can also submit entries in other areas such as:

  • Cartography
  • Speleo-Media and Art

Details will be released closer to the Conference.


Please contact the organisers to arrange a time and space for specific workshops by 1 June 2018. 


A limited number of grants are available to assist members to attend the conference.

These grants are designed to encourage and facilitate newer ASF members to attend and contribute to ASF Conferences.

Eligibility: Have submitted a registration form for the conference and have been a member of the ASF for less than five years and have not attended a previous ASF conference. In exceptional circumstances, consideration will be given to members of long-standing who have not attended a conference for 20 years and who have an active contribution to offer to the conference.

Application: Apply by email ( by 1 September 2018. Include in the email your name, an outline of your intended presentation (15 min duration) and a description of your interest in caving and what you can contribute to the conference.

Process: All applications will be considered and the successful applicant(s) will be notified by 1 October 2018.

Successful Applicants: The successful applicants will need to submit their abstract by 1 October 2018 and present a 15 min presentation at the conference. Submit a paper on your presentation by 1 March 2019 to be included in the Proceedings.

The grant provides for whole or part re-mission of conference registration fees and travel costs etc., and personal attendance is required. An appropriate presentation is required from those funded because of their ability to provide a valuable contribution, and is encouraged from others where possible.

More than one grant may be awarded for each conference, the combined total value of grants awarded for one conference being between $1000-$2000. 

For any additional information or enquiries please contact Cathie Plowman (

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