Mole Creek Caving

Dates: 5 – 11 January 2019
Contact: David
: Camping behind the Mole Creek Hotel.
Additional Costs: A rope usage fee of $5/caver/trip will be levied where appropriate.

A large number and variety of caves will be on offer during the Post-Conference week. The final schedule will be determined at the conference based on interest and available leaders. There will be trips for everyone! Vertical, horizontal and even children friendly.

At the Conference there will be a registration sheet for each field trip with details of the leader and meeting time and place. We recommend you make contact with each leader or Field Trip Coordinator – David. For certain trips the leader will be checking on the skills of those registered to ensure suitability.

Many of the caving trips offered are into permit-only caves with limited numbers. We can not guarantee you will get to visit every cave on your wishlist, however we will do our best to accommodate as many people as possible, within reason (and skill/experience levels), and make every effort to ensure all cavers have a great time.

The program for the Post-Conference field trips is subject to the Cave Access Policy currently being determined between the Tasmania Parks & Wildlife Service and the Tasmanian Speleological Liaison Council. In addition, many of the final program details will be determined at the Conference based on trip demand and availability of the trip leaders. We have included a possible example of what the Post-Conference caving schedule may be – as a guide only. This will change!

For individual cave details please consult the Mole Creek Cave Classification Table on the Caving in Tasmania page and please note, due to changes after flooding, Croesus and Lynds caves have now been upgraded to wetsuit recommended (W++).

An example of a possible Post-Conference caving schedule:

Sat Jan 5Sun Jan 6Mon Jan 7 Tues Jan 8Wed Jan 9Thu Jan 10
KohinoorKubla PhotographicExecution PotKubla PhotographicHorries HoleKubla (remove project)
Croesus** short tripCroesus PhotographicLyndsLyndsCroesusLynds
TailenderHailie Selassie/ Genghis KhanBlackshawl/ SpiderTailenderHailie Selassie/ Genghis KhanTailender
My Cave**Kohinoor/ DiamondMy Cave/ BaldocksKohinoor/ DiamondMersey HillHorries Hole
Marakoopa 1 & 2**Devils Pot/ Anastomosis x-overHoneycomb/ Genghis KhanDevils Pot/ Anastomosis x-overMy Cave/ BaldocksMarakoopa 1 & 2
LyndsMersey HillHorries HoleCroesusExecution Pot
Genghis KhanMy Cave/ SassafrasMarakoopa 1 & 2Baldocks/ Sassafras
Baldocks Kids TripTrowunna Wildlife Park – Kids Trip $s / Devils Gullet LookoutSassafras Kids TripCircular Pods Interpretation walk

**Shorter trips as we have to pack up in Devonport and travel to field sites.

Our “Base” for Mole Creek will be camping behind the Mole Creek Hotel: with access to toilets, showers and power. There will be a nominal charge per day for this, payable to the Field Trip Coordinator. The hotel has good counter meals and there is a small supermarket nearby for self-catering. Other options include the Mole Creek Hotel (rooms from $55 single to $120 double including breakfast). There are many other accommodation options in the Mole Creek area – see the internet, however it is Tasmania’s peak holiday season, so book early.

Mount Cripps Caving

NOTE:  Mount Cripss Caving trip is FULL – waiting list only.

Dates: 5 – 7 January 2019
Contact: David
Accommodation: On-site hut or tent.
Additional Costs: Hut fees apply.

A limited number of places are available for a Post-Conference trip to Mount Cripps. Expressions of interest will be taken during the registration process, the first in will be prioritised. We need to place a limit on these trips of 8 people.

Our hut in the area sleeps 4, with mattresses included. We will erect two tents nearby to accommodate 4, with lilos. There is a sheltered cooking facility. You need to bring your own food, sleeping gear, cooking stoves and cooking gear, but the hut is kitted out with cutlery, china and seating for 8 people. There are water and shower facilities and a long-drop toilet. The access road is 8 km, gravel and a little rough, however most two-wheel drive vehicles will have no trouble if you drive carefully.

Both trips involve steep slopes and un-tracked ground and walking in the rainforest. A reasonable level of fitness and experience is required. You will need a reasonable sized day-pack, personal gear and first aid kit, water container, food and wet weather gear, lightweight caving clothing, gloves, helmet and light.

We offer you the opportunity to join us on one or both day-trips described below.

Saturday 5 January: Pack up camp in Devonport and head to Mount Cripps (directions will be provided). Meet your leader at the turn-off from the Cradle Mountain/West Coast link road. Set up camp in the hut/tent provided or own tent. Leader: Paul, Hostess: Lyndsey/Joy.

Sunday 6 January: Caverneers Creek, The Big Tree, CP.37 Philrod Cave.

Once entering the forest the track leads down to cross Caverneers Creek, the last chance for filling up with water for the day. This creek is one of the only creeks in the karst area, starting on the flanks of Mount Cripps and winding its way down to the Southwell River. We walk up a ridge and on to one of our survey lines which leads past the fattest tree in Tasmania; a Eucalyptus obliqua with a height of 60.9 m and diameter of 6.71 m and circumference is 21.08 m. This tree is about 300 years young and it has not lost its crown. It is thought to be nearing the end of its life as the middle has rotted out and there are long cracks travelling some 25 m up its trunk. Further on the line we will lunch outside Philrod Cave. This is our largest cave of over 650 m passage and well decorated.  It is horizontal with a straw some 4.5 m long. We will then return to Th’ut via CP.218 The Shaft, which has a 42 m shaft leading from the entrance. Other small caves and features will be passed in order to rejoin the Main Survey Line back to Caverneers Creek and up the hill to the road. Trees include Musk, Sassafras, Leatherwood, Eucalypts, man ferns and many other species. Fungi is usually present in the forest, which many consider magnificent.

Approximate distance: 5 km  – Approximate time: 7 h

Monday 7 January: CP.110E Xerxes Cave, CP.120 Gum Pot

We leave the road just below Th’ut and walk through rainforest to get to F.19 The Colosseum Doline. In this impressive doline is situated CP. 110E Xerxes Cave. It is a horizontal cave which will be entered only as far as the first chamber to view formations which we have protected. The entrance to this cave is quite spectacular. We will then walk over to Hollow Hill and on to CP.120 Gum Pot. This is a highly-decorated small cave with a narrow sloping entrance needing a hand-line to get back up and out. The cave is full of moon milk formation and is basically a single chamber rift with limited space. We then walk back up the hill through tall eucalypts, man ferns, sassafras and leatherwoods and several other species. This area had a fire reach into it in 2010, so you will see the damage it caused.

Approximate distance:  2.5 km – Approximate time: 5 h

If planning to join the Mole Creek caving activities, the drive from Mount Cripps to Mole Creek is about 2 h.

For further information Paul

Southern Caving

Dates: 5 – 11 January 2019
Contact: Alan
Accommodation: Organise own, either locally or Hobart.
Additional Costs: A rope usage fee of $5/caver/trip will be levied.

Any southern caving trip will only run at the discretion of the trip leader and with sufficient demand. The caves visited will be determined by the trip leaders with consideration of the experience and skills of all of the participants.

Please consider the information Caving in Tasmania carefully before considering this trip. For any expressions of interest please contact the trip leader.

8 Day Franklin River Rafting Trip

Dates:  11 January 2019 (compulsory briefing session late afternoon Friday at Bronte Park) – 19 January 2019 (at Bronte Park or Hobart).
Contact:  Cathie Plowman
Cost:  $2,860 ex Bronte Park (supply own sleeping bag)
Accommodation:  We will arrange cabin or camping accommodation at Bronte Park (cost will be additional)
Maximum Number:  8 clients plus 2 guides

This trip is being operated by a commercial and fully-licensed company and full details of the trip can be obtained by contacting Cathie as above. The operator is providing us with 2018 season prices, but bookings and payments must be finalised by 30 September 2018 for this price.

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