We have an exciting collection of keynote speakers already lined up for the Conference:

Assoc. Prof. David Merritt

David has been researching glowworm activity in Tasmania and elsewhere for more than a decade. In Tasmania he works in close collaboration with Arthur Clarke from STC. There is seemingly no end to the fascinating behaviour of glowworms and David will present on some of what he and his post-graduate students have unravelled about these mesmerising animals.

Dr Elizabeth Reed

Liz is based at Naracoorte in South Australia and is a research fellow at the University of Adelaide. She will present on her recent and current palaeontological work in caves at Naracoorte and in Tasmania.

Chris Sharples

Chris is a Tasmanian geomorphologist, researcher, caver and wilderness explorer. He will present on wilderness karst, focussing on his recent trips to the Star Mountains in Papua New Guinea and an isolated karst area in South West Tasmania.

*Mt Capella (4,000m), in the Star Mountains, is in the exact geographical centre of the island of New Guinea, is a glaciated limestone mountain covered in “lapies karst” and has unexplored holes everywhere (care needed to traverse). The photograph looks east along the crest of the New Guinea central highlands. Grant and Chris climbed Mt Capella in November 2016 and as far as they know it was the first ascent since 1975 and only the fourth ascent overall. 

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