Spread over the week of the Conference, we have a number of social activities planned:

  • Conference Welcome Barbecue – join us on Sunday evening for an informal get-together to kick off the Conference at Reece High School in the Canteen area;
  • New Year’s Eve on the Foreshore of Devonport – fireworks displays at 9.30pm and midnight; food vendors, face painting, a jumping castle plus, for those over 18, a “wet area” (NOTE: no BYO alcohol and this is a non-smoking event); 
  • A special showing of the movie Sixteen Legs, written by Niall Doran (see the trailer here) – all you wanted to know about the sex life of cave spiders –  “must see” for both cavers and non-cavers ;
  • Speleo Sports & Prusik Challenge, the Committee will be coming up with some innovative caving  and prusiking challenges;
  • Silent Auction – bargains to be had! items are on display with a bidding sheet in front of them, everyone can see the bids, and all it takes is for someone to come along and outbid the bidder to walk away with a bargain;
  • Photographic Competition – Presentation of all entries followed by announcement of the winners.  Don’t forget to vote for the People’s Choice award.  
  • Trivia night; and
  • To conclude the Conference a Cavers Dinner (theme: Bedrock city; home of the Flintstones).
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