As cavers we visit some beautiful and unique environments, we are all aware of the devastating effect of WNS in some countries. However, this is just one invasive species that could affect the environments we visit. Below are some known examples of invasive species cavers could potentially spread between caving regions if we are not vigilient in cleaning our equipment. For information and advice on cleaning and decontamination procedures see the WNS page.

Import Restrictions

Tasmania has some of the world’s most stringent biosecurity requirements. Please help us protect Tasmania from introduced pests, weeds and diseases by ensuring that when you visit us you are not carrying or importing any restricted items. The introduction of a pest, weed or disease into a production area can result in expensive controls being implemented and loss of markets, which can cost primary industries and the community millions of dollars.

For more detailed information on the import into Tasmania of plant, plant material, animal products, pets and other restricted or prohibited items please visit our Guide to Importing page.

ASF Brian Evans & Toby Wools-Cobb Cow Cave

This quick reference guide can help you as you travel to Tasmania, but remember, requirements may change. To stay up to date, or for further information, please contact your relevant interstate biosecurity authorities. (Please review the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment website for full details.)

Bringing your pets to Tassie

Unfortunately, dogs must be treated for hydatid Tapeworm before they can be brought to Tassie (there are a few exceptions to this requirement however).  Full information on bringing your dog with you can be found here.  NOTE:  all the caving areas in Tasmania we will be visiting are in National Parks, and domestic pets are prohibited in the Parks.

What you can do

1. When moving from different caving areas it is important that all gear is washed thoroughly.
2. To prevent fungal transfer it is also vital to ensure all gear is thoroughly dry after washing.

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